The Women of Ambition Podcast explores female ambition: first, the radical act of acknowledging it within ourselves, second allowing space to explore what ambition means for each of us, and third harnessing and developing our drive. Published weekly, episodes alternate between guest interviews (inspiring women of ambition) and a "post-pods" with host Alyssa Calder Hulme to digest the insights gained along the way.

The word "ambition" is so frequently misused and misconstrued. We define ambition as a neutral personality trait, an inner drive to do or achieve success, typically requiring determination and hard work; one of our goals is to show how this trait is exhibited in women's lives regardless of job title or financial compensation. Meaning is found when we couple this neutral trait with our deepest values and life purposes. As we learn from each other, our goal is to destigmatize female ambition and help women harnesstheirdrive to align with their unique vales to create a joy-fueledlife ofachievement



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