Jan. 12, 2022

Chasing Comedy with Grace and Gratitude + Shay Domingez, Comedian S3:E2

Chasing Comedy with Grace and Gratitude + Shay Domingez, Comedian S3:E2

A story of transforming comedy from a distraction from self, to an expression of self.

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Comedian Shay shares her story of starting life as a gay child in a small, conservative town and building out her own identify with cross country moves, career shifts, and chasing fear. Through her personal development, she transformed her comedy from being a shield and distraction from her true self, to an expression and creation of her true self. 

Shay DominguezProfile Photo

Shay Dominguez

Comedian / Podcaster / Content Creator

Shay Dominguez is a comedian, podcaster and content creator amongst many other things such as a video editor, stand-up comedian and writer. She comes from a small town of 600 people, Shipman, IL where she played almost every sport offered and eventually went to college to play basketball and to go on and get her MBA.
Shay currently resides in Atlanta, GA after living in Los Angeles, CA for five years 2015 - 2020. While in LA, Shay spent 3 years focusing on improv and sketch comedy at the world renown Upright Citizens Brigade and two years exploring and creating rap music. Before Los Angeles, she lived in St. Louis, MO where she started her comedy career.
These days, Shay creates content with some quirky and original twin characters all over social media and produces and hosts her own personal development podcast, Level Up! With Shay. She hopes to bring her story of leaving her small town to pursue her big dreams, regardless of the risk or fear, to help inspire others to do the same.