Sept. 8, 2021

WOA S2:E1 Podcast Intro + Season 2 Theme: Harnessing Ambition

Welcome back to the Women of Ambition Podcast! To…

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Welcome back to the Women of Ambition Podcast! Today I’ll share an intro to the podcast as well as lay out the plan for season 2. I’m getting better organized and we have some fantastic women set up so far. First off, for newbies, Welcome! The Women of Ambition Podcast is a place where we explore ambition - first, the radical act of acknowledging it within ourselves, second allowing space to explore what ambition means for each of us, and third moving forward with intention. Define: The word "ambition" is so frequently misused and misconstrued. I define ambition as a personality trait, an inner drive to do or achieve success, typically requiring determination and hard work; one of my goals is to show how this trait is exhibited in women's lives regardless of job title or financial compensation.